Grammar at Work

Your command of language speaks volumes about you. Whether you are preparing a proposal for a major new contract, writing a letter to a client, or even making a sales call, a good grasp of grammar is vital for presenting yourself and your organisation professionally.

We don’t often stop to think about the rules that hold our language together. Normally, we don’t need to. But, even native speakers of English don’t always get it right.

Grammar at Work is an online course from The Publishing Training Centre (in association with Oxford University Press) that takes you from the most basic through to the more complex elements of English grammar.

Intended for speakers of UK English, it is a convenient, fun and flexible way to build the foundation you need to communicate accurately and creatively.

Test your grammar knowledge with our Grammar Quiz.

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The Publishing Qualifications Board

Grammar at Work is supplied by the Publishing Qualifications Board (registered charity no. 1002928), a subsidiary of the Publishing Training Centre Foundation (registered charity no. 1083081). Registered office: 16 high Holborn, London WC1V 6BX

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